The Humans

Grand Teton National Park. Photo by Katy Gray Photography

Grand Teton National Park. Photo by Katy Gray Photography

“I'd love to live in a farm and raise goats. I like goats”
“Yeah, that’d be rad. Goat cheese and honey!”
“How do you imagine our farm?”
“Actually, I imagine it like Elodie Farms”
“That’s totally my dream home! Let’s buy it!” 

In 2016, Ted Domville and Sandra Vergara bought Elodie Farms from their friend Dave Artigues. Ted hails from Elmira, NY, and Sandra from Ibague, Colombia. They met at Six Plates in Durham, NC, where Ted worked as a chef, and Sandra was a graduate student at Duke. Depending on who you ask, Sandra was either madly in love with Ted or she was annoyed by his advances every time she visited the restaurant. Either way, she did visit often. 

Soon after graduating, Sandra and Ted moved to Massachusetts. After seven years together, they eloped in Wyoming and started thinking about relocating to NC, where it all began. In the Summer of 2016, for their first year anniversary, Ted and Sandra got each other their dream home, Elodie Farms. They are thrilled to be back in NC and they feel humbled by the support of their friends and family as they embark in their new adventure as goat parents, farmers, and cheesemakers. They are particularly grateful to Dave Artigues and Emily Lawless for their mentoring and support during this transition.  

Ted has a business degree from Marquette University, and Sandra a microbiology degree from the University of Florida, and a Ph.D. in genetics from Duke University.