This year was the G.O.A.T =)

Photos by Luis G. Vergara

Photos by Luis G. Vergara

What an incredible year! We started full of optimism and lots of dreams. We had been married for only six months and felt that together we could do anything. We thought that Massachusetts was awesome, but it was too darn cold, we missed our friends, the food and college hoops. It was time to move back to Durham. We didn’t have jobs lined up, but we went on dreaming. I would somehow continue my scientific career in Durham, Ted would continue his love affair with the food industry, and we would live in a small farmhouse with enough space for two goats.

Somehow, the stars aligned and we got more than we ever imagined! One random morning in January, we found out that Elodie Farms was for sale. Ted knew right away he just HAD to make the phone call. After many trips back and forth, piles of paper work, signatures, emails, and with the invaluable advice of many good friends, we bought Elodie Farms. In less than six months, two weeks before our first wedding anniversary, we went from renting a 2-bedroom apartment to owning a historic 1910s Victorian farmhouse, and became parents to 43 goats, 3 chickens, and 7 ducks. I still have trouble believing it.

This year, we learned about home improvement, farm improvement, maintaining a dairy, milking, and cheese making. We held three farm dinners and gave many farm tours. We tore down a barn, built a barn, built fences, built walls and dug trenches. We kidded baby goats, fought parasites, trimmed hooves, gave shots and pills, castrated bucks, and rubbed many achy tummies. We spent all night with a sick goat and all day under the rain making sure our non-existing barn at the time wouldn’t get flooded. I got bruised, pooped on, peed on, kicked on my stomach and horned in the eye. But we also spent countless hours in our new barn petting them, loving them, and playing with them. We enjoyed the starry North Carolina nights sitting on the grass among our goats, falling asleep and hearing them snore. We experienced what is like to gain the trust of a bunch of cute dairy goats.

We did so many things together and for the first time. We learned from many people who graciously shared their knowledge and time with us. It sounds crazy, but we feel so fulfilled, so grateful, and so tired! We are incredibly happy to discover that we CAN, in fact, do many crazy things together. Yet, we cannot do them alone. This year was a smashing success for our little family of two humans and 56 animals! And it was a success because of all the help we got from you.

We are very thankful to our family, friends and all our customers. Every cheese that we make and hand-roll is a success story. Every porch dinner is an incredible accomplishment. We are humbled by the kindness and support that we receive every single day. Thank you for your smiles at the Farmer’s Markets, and for your visits to our farm. Thank you for telling your friends about us and for being patient while we learn and grow.

We wish you a healthy, adventure-filled, most-amazing New Year! We hope to see your friendly faces very soon.

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2017!

 Sandra + Ted