Goat adoption

Goats bond with humans very much like a dog or cat and thus, they can become really good pets. The ideal pet, if you consider that goats can also be used to manage vegetation and will eat your compostable waste turning it into unlimited amounts of fertilizer for your garden! Goats are intelligent, full of personality, really funny, and just adorable. 

We currently have 32 baby goats for adoption. Our goats are mixed-breeds of LaManchas, Alpines, Nubians and Saanens. They will be weaned, vaccinated, dewormed, and castrated prior to adoption, and they will receive a full health check-up from our farm veterinarian before going to their forever home. Our kids are very friendly and suitable as pets or as homestead dairy goats. Some of our goats are polled (naturally hornless) and are perfect for families with small children.  

If you are considering adopting baby goats for the first time, but are unsure if they are a good fit for you, send us a message and we will be happy to schedule a time for you to meet our kids and to answer all your questions. In addition, we are committed to providing support as you become an experienced goat parent. Our goal is not to get rid of them; it is to find loving caring homes for them.  

Since goats are naturally herd animals, they do not thrive alone. For that reason, we adopt out a minimum of 2 goats per adoptive home, but ideally 3, and we prefer to adopt out sibling groups to help make their transition to their new home easier. Our adoption fee is $60 per baby goat. 

Please contact sandra@elodiefarms.com for more information.