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Lauren Erickson

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Lauren Erickson

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Date: March 11th, 2018

Reserved time: 1:30-4:30PM

Event time: 2-4PM

Total time rental: 3 hr


Set up: tables, chairs, and linens (all white) for up to 30 people in front of the main house

Amenities: access to kitchen/stove/refrigeration (please note that we do not own a microwave)

Assistant: Sandra will be your contact person and helper for the duration of your event. You may contact or 352-514-2011. 

Other: access to barns, lake area, and woods to meet the animals

Discounted products: you and your guests will get a 10% discount in all our cheese/crackers/cajeta purchased at the farm the day of the event


Rental rate: $100/hr

Estimate total: $300. This includes everything described above. 

Add Ons: You have until March 3rd to request/pay for any of the add ons. 

Glassware/silverware/plates rental: $100 extra if you would like to rent the glassware, silverware, and plates. You're welcome to bring disposables, though. 

Elodie Farms Platter: $70. It includes five flavors of chevre, 1 large Fleur Verte (marinated cheese), 1 large blackberry goat cheese  mousse, and whey crackers.  

Goat Cheesecake: $60. 10" NY style goat cheesecake topped with traditional cajeta (goat milk caramel). 

When you arrive, the tables and chairs will have linens and ready for you. If you choose to rent the plates and silverware from us, we will arrange them on a long table buffet style.

If you have any special requests, please let me know as soon as possible.