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Sun, March 26th, 2017, 10AM

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Sun, March 26th, 2017, 10AM

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Goats bond with humans very much like a dog or cat and thus, they can become really good pets. The ideal pet, if you consider that goats can also be used to manage vegetation and will eat your compostable waste turning it into unlimited amounts of fertilizer for your garden! Goats are intelligent, full of personality, really funny, and just adorable. Who hasn’t thought of having one while watching baby goats romping around wearing pajamas in YouTube? Yes, I’m talking to you. You know you have… But, what is involved in owning a pet goat?


We are holding a 3-hour informational session for people interested in adopting baby goats as pets, and anyone else who simply wants to learn more about goats. We will cover the basics of goat biology, healthcare and nutritional needs, housing and fencing requirements. The idea is to give you an honest description of goat care for you to think about whether owning a pet goat is feasible given your situation. Oh, yes. You will pet many baby goats.


This event has a cost of $30 per person and it includes informational material, a tour of our farm, a cheese tasting and light snacks. After the session is over, attendees are welcome to stay and enjoy our beautiful farm – maybe a stroll through the woods or around the lake. Just let the goats guide you. Please note that this is not a hands-on husbandry workshop. If you choose to adopt a pet goat from us, we will arrange a workshop session to teach you the basics of goat care then.


We will have baby goats ready for adoption in late April, and they will be castrated and vaccinated. Please note that goats are very social animals and they do not do well by themselves. Therefore, we will adopt a minimum of two baby goats, unless there are already goats in the adoptive home.


If you choose to adopt from us, we will credit the $30 fee from the informational session towards the adoption fee. 

For questions about this event or baby goat adoptions, please send a message to sandra@elodiefarms.com