The Goats

We have a herd of about 40 mixed-breed goats. More or less a “melting pot” of goat breeds: we have La Mancha, Alpine, Nubian, Toggenburg and even a Boer. Each goat has a unique name, and yes: we remember all 43 of them. Feeding, caring, and interacting with our goats is perhaps the most rewarding part of our experience as “goat parents”. We try to make them happy and in return they let us get the milk their body produces, which we turn into delicious cheese for us and our customers to enjoy. When you eat a cheese from Elodie Farms, you are certainly eating cheese made using milk from happy goats!  

The welfare of our goats is at the center of our operation and we provide the best quality of life we can. We are committed to providing our goats excellent nutrition as milk production is a big metabolic demand for the animals. Our goats browse freely all year round through 17+ acres of pasture, a beautiful wooded area and a natural lake. Their diet is supplemented with grain and nutritious snacks of fruits, veggies, as well as sunflower and pumpkin seeds. We have a no-cull philosophy. That is, animals that we no longer breed for milk production “retire” and live a happy life as part of the herd. We feel it’s the least we can do for an animal that has served us for several years. Goats are very social animals and like us, they have their idiosyncrasies. For that reason, we work "with" them instead of ordering them around. Some of our goats don’t like to walk up to the stanchion, they like to jump. Some don’t like the first stanchion, they like the second. And some refuse to leave the milking parlor until they get a hug. At Elodie, when a goat wants to jump, they jump. When they want to run, they run. And when a goat wants a hug, we must oblige. Yes, these goats run the show around here. 

We invite you to try our cheese and meet our goats. They are very friendly! You may buy our products at the Durham Farmers’ Market, the Duke Farmer's Market, Bull City Olive Oil, Bottle 501 and Standard Foods (Raleigh). Our farm is open for monthly Farm Dinners on the second Saturday of every month, and for Farm Tours on the third Saturday of every month.